Matcha Tea Starting Set

Item: Matcha Tea Starting Set



The wonderful taste and countless health benefits of matcha green tea make it a truly delightful drink. While the tea preparation ceremony is a fun and relaxing experience, the intricate ritual and numerous tools involved can be quite difficult to pick up to begin with. If you’re new to matcha, our Matcha Starting Set is just what you’re looking for. If you’re already a seasoned green tea drinker, this is also the perfect way to share the wonders of matcha with friends!

What’s inside

Our special Matcha Starter Set contains all the essential tools you need in order to whisk your perfect creamy cup of Ceremonial Matcha.

The kit can be customised with the following items:

– One tin of Ceremonial Matcha ( Hanae, Haruna or Yukiro)

– One Chasen (Golden Bamboo Whisk)

– One Chashaku (Golden Bamboo Scoop)

– One Chawan (Matcha Bowl)

Treat yourself or a dear friend with the gift of Matcha and all the health benefits that come with it.

You can also purchase these products individually as well — See our full collection here.

Why Zen Wonders

Zen Wonders is passionate about all things matcha, and we have made it our life’s goal to share the finest green tea powders and tea preparation ceremony equipment with the world. Whether you’re a novice or a matcha drinker of many years, our range of products has you covered. Read here for more information about the benefits of green tea, and see our recipes for inspiration on how you can use matcha powder in creative and delicious ways.

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