Our Matcha

Our Matcha is attentively grown and ground in Uji in the Kyoto prefecture, the birthplace of Matcha, known to be the place where its cultivation began. Uji Matcha is in very high demand within the Japanese market and all around the world thanks to its unique fragrance and beautiful emerald green colour. The Uji Region,shaped by beautiful sloping hills, earns the privilege to be considered the best Matcha-producing area in Japan. The lack of pollution, rich soil, and wide range of temperature between day and night all together play a key role in producing the best flavour and quality of the tea leaves.Three weeks before the Spring harvest, reed screens are placed over the tea plants to cover them from direct sunlight to allow them to grow under the shade. This process forces the plant to drastically increase the production of Chlorophyll and L-Theanine, which are crucial components of the many health benefits that green tea, and Matcha in particular, offers to our body.Tea leaves are then hand picked and immediately transported to the factory where they are quickly steamed to prevent fermentation. Afterwards, the tea leaves are dried in a brick-made oven to remove all the moisture and will become Tencha (top grade tea leaves before being ground into Matcha). These tea leaves are carefully and attentively de-stemmed and categorised in terms of their color and appearance to produce different grades of Matcha.The precious tea leaves are stone ground using ancient grinding wheels to produce a super-fine green powder that has been named “Matcha” (literally "ground tea"). 

At Zen Wonders we are obsessed with quality. Packed at the source, our Matcha is ground on request, and quickly delivered to your home. Our relationship with our suppliers, and the integrity that comes from constant testing and sampling, lead us to believe that we are distributing some of the best quality Matcha Green Tea in Australia and in the world.Our product is packed in small sizes to guarantee high level of freshness to our customers. Matcha is very sensitive to factors such as light, humidity, heat and contact with oxygen, and it tends to lose most of its benefits when exposed to these elements. We highly recommend for our customers to store their Matcha away from any heat and light sources, keep it tightly sealed in its special pouch and for them to consume the Matcha as soon as possible.From our online store, you will be able to purchase two grades of Ceremonial Uji Matcha, a Culinary Grade Organic and Non-Organic Matcha, as well as handcrafted ceremonial tools such as Bamboo Whisks (Chasen), Bamboo Scoops (Chashaku), Whisk holder (Naoshi) and a traditional Matcha bowl (Chawan). We offer domestic shipping service to Australia, where we are based, and also international shipping worldwide.

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