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Living in Harmony with nature....through the seasons day by day... savouring the richness of a bowl of matcha....with a calm and peaceful mind...



At Zen Wonders we truly believe that nourishing your body and your mind is a simple yet powerful discipline to embrace a meaningful and happy journey through life.


Through the simple act of preparing and sharing a cup of Matcha, we hope to make our customer’s day a bit brighter, their life’s journey a little healthier and their smile a little wider.

How to buy matcha green tea powder and what to look for when assessing its quality?

Authentic Matcha green tea should be grown and ground in Japan, as for nearly a thousand years now, the Japanese, often chasing perfectionism in their hand-crafted creations, have perfected their technique, and still are, in order to obtain the best quality tea they could produce.


To choose and buy the best grade that suits your palette, it only requires a few key elements that one should be looking for: colour, aroma and taste.


If drunk simply with water, we strongly recommend to opt for a very high quality Japanese green tea, also known as Ceremonial-grade Matcha. In order to do so, one should be looking for a powder with a very bright and vivid green colour. a vegetal fresh and slightly sweet aroma, as well as a smooth flavour that is very gentle and pleasant.


When you buy high quality ceremonial-grade Matcha powder, it is best if purchased in small batches, in order to experience its flavour and freshness at their best with every cup.


We source and distribute our Matcha green tea powder, offering organic and non-organic grades, extremely freshly-ground from the pristine fields of Uji, Japan and promptly ship it to your home from our Head Quarter in Melbourne, Australia.


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What makes this Zen Japanese green tea one of the best tea available to buy?

Matcha, being a powder form of green tea, which is handpicked and stone ground, it is not designed to be steeped like conventional teas; rather it is simply mixed with hot or cold water and consumed right away, allowing all the precious nutrients to be absorbed by our body.


This is why this ancient Japanese zen green tea is considered to be one of the best tea in terms of health benefits, and it might be a good idea to be sipping on a cup on a regular basis.


It can be incorporated into many recipes to give a vibrant colour and rich, savoury taste. That said, when you buy matcha powder, it should always taste good enough to drink alone – just as you wouldn’t ideally sip on a cooking wine, it is wise to purchase a tea that you wouldn’t drink outright.


The difference between buying conventional Matcha and the organic kind

Organically grown foods are normally superior in taste, colour and nutrition content, but when it comes to Matcha things work in a slightly different way.


Organic Matcha,so far, simply cannot match the quality of conventional Matcha in terms of colour, aroma and taste.


Although the cultivation method of organic Matcha green tea has clearly improved over the last few years, due to the fact that the tea is shade grown for the least 3 weeks before the harvest, the deprivation from the sunlight that the plant has to face really has to be compensated with powerful nutrition coming from the roots.


Organic fertilizers currently available are simply not powerful enough in order to allow the plant to produce high amounts of amino-acids like L-Theanine and also Chlorophyll.


This is why organic Matcha green tea powder is normally not as bright green as Matcha grown in a conventional way. But that said, we can also guarantee that our supplier runs regular tests under the strict Japanese regulations in order to guarantee that our product is 100% safe for our health when ground into a powder and delivered to Australia.